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Momentum organizes a number of special interest groups. We have a great team of volunteers that work tirelessly to provide these important opportunities. If leaders are the “rudder” of Momentum, then our volunteers are the “engine” that makes it go. We do need more energetic and committed volunteers – both men and women – to help in several areas, though. Please consider serving with us as we work to equip men to be better husbands, fathers and leaders.

“Where Can I Help?”

Second Saturday

  • Kitchen – Food Prep & Clean-Up: We’re looking for some men or women that love food and may have experience in food prep (experience eating or prep’ing food not necessary) to help out 1) Friday evening before Second Saturday (usually 6:45-8:30PM) and/or 2) Saturday morning before Second Saturday.
  • Registration: We’re looking for some men or women that are friendly (before or after your first cup of coffee – coffee provided) and welcoming to help greet Second Saturday attendees, assist guys with sign-in and name tags, and distribute door prize tickets.
  • Main Floor – Set-Up & Tear-Down: We’re looking for some men or women who don’t mind flexing their muscles a bit. We need some help 1) setting up the stage, backdrop, tables and chairs on Friday evening before Second Saturday and/or 2) tearing down the stage, backdrop, tables and chairs on Saturday morning after Second Saturday.
  • Catering – Serving Prep & Clean-Up: We’re looking for some men or women (without a drooling problem or compulsion to slam your face into a pan of cheesy potatoes) to help with catering duties during Second Saturday. You would be on a team that would set up the serving tables, warmers and chaffing pans, condiments, serving utensils, coffee and drinks, paper goods, restock food and condiments. Tear down, clean and put away pans, utensils, condiments and paper goods.
  • Photography: We’re looking for a few people – men or women – who have experience as a professional or semi-professional photographer and/or videographer to take digital still photos and video of Second Saturday for event promotion.


  • Special Events: We’re looking for some special men or women that can offer some special help for special events. OK, so mostly it’s room set-up and tear-down, but you would be pretty special to us if you could help.
  • Data Administration: If you create spreadsheets and reports in your free time, you might have a problem – and you might just be the right person to help us out. We’re looking for a guy or gal that’s great with MS Excel to collect data from group leaders, create spreadsheets and reports for leaders.

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